Small business software can help you improve productivity

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Bespoke software development is the process used to create small business software that meets the specific needs of an organisation or needs that off the shelf software cannot easily fulfil. This type of software is ideal because it is unique and is aligned with the requirements of the end user. Read More

Why you need a business accounting software?

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Every penny counts for a business owner, so if you are clueless about where your earnings stand every month, then your business may not be successful. Although there are plenty of accountants that you can hire, the advantages of getting efficient and affordable software is absolutely priceless. Here are several reasons why it is a good idea to buy software for your business’ accounting needs. Read More

How an eCommerce website can be a good source of income?

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eCommerce is quickly becoming the most widely used method of both buying and selling goods in the 21st Century, affording quick and easy transactions to be made from the comfort of your own home. These types of websites can not only be used as a more efficient method of business for an existing Read More

eCommerce Websites

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Ecommerce websites can always be a fruitful investment if they are based on a business strategical planning. Quite often people plan to get a fully functional and well designed retail websites for their products or services but they don’t focus on the importance of emarketing methods e.g. SEO, PPC or paid search like Facebook Campaigns etc. Read More

Successful Websites

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#TuesdayWebTip The reason certain websites succeed is because they follow conventional practices visitors adapt to quickly. Contact us more information »

Why do you need landing pages?

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Add landing pages based on your search terms or popular keywords to attract more focused and clean traffic on your website. Its a very powerful method to covert your traffic into customers by putting a call to action… If you’re interested, then we can certainly help you with setting up your landing pages.

Permalink Power

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For SEO reasons and good content on your website, make intelligent use of permalink structure by using your keywords as page/post names. Change Permalinks under settings to “%POSTNAME% …

Organised Media Library

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Uncheck the button next to “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders.” under Setting & Media to keep your media library organised and manageable…

Site’s Sidebar

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Your WordPress website’s sidebar should not be overly stuffed because people can then hardly read or clarify whatever information they are interested in.

Free Hosting

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Why to bother using a free web hosting and invite all the spams on your site when you can have a standard web hosting for only £36.00 a year. Have a look at: | for any further assistance please call us at 01892 710 572 or alternatively 07985688369

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